Potomac has extensive experience in all activities, including Design-Build, Bid-build and Job Order Contract for WMATA. Potomac Team successfully integrates technical skills with professional engineering, strategic planning, accurate scheduling, and seamless project management, with a thorough understanding of WMATA’s needs, standard operating procedures, and technical provisions.
In addition to overall project supervision and management, Potomac performs demolition, excavation, concrete paving, walls and walks, and site utilities, site preparations, site repairs, concrete for bus loops, retaining walls and foundations, expanding parking areas and foundations for major structures. Complete installation of in-ground lifts is also one of Potomac’s expertise.

Throughout the years, Potomac has performed new trails, roadway rehabilitations, storm and sanitary structures and large valve replacement for DDOT. Potomac has performed excavation, grading, installation of under drain, installation of concrete and Granite curb and gutter, removal and replacement of graved exposed sidewalk, installation of new concrete sidewalks, asphalt trails, milling and overlay of asphalt, signing and pavement markings, bio-retention ponds, construction of landscaping and lighting fixtures, installation of electrical conduits, cables and teat drops lights.

Potomac has performed emergency roadway repairs and vehicle lift replacement at their various service facilities. While keeping the facility in an operation, Potomac had worked around SHA maintenance facility schedules. Work included - excavation, grading, installation of under drain, installation of concrete foundations, removal and replacement of sidewalks, lighting fixtures, installation of electrical conduits.

Potomac teamed with Flippo Construction for three bridges over Canal in Georgetown area in Washington DC. PCCI was involved in constructing the special 2' wide granite pavers, brick sidewalk, concrete curb and gutter, concrete paving including excavation.
Potomac has also worked with Flippo on DCWater large valve replacement projects including, excavation, shoring, cutting and capping off up to 48” water lines and removing and replacing large valves from 12” to 48”.

Potomac has performed various projects which includes installation of various pavers (Pedestal pavers, preset pavers, Granite pavers), Site work, Concrete Sidewalk, utility vaults, manholes, concrete sidewalks, curbs and gutters, various landscaping, storm lines, sewer lines and water lines.